A whiskey 400 years in the making!

A whiskey 400 years in the making!

A whiskey 400 years in the making!

Let’s take some time to talk about Bushmills! I dove deep in the cabinet and found this expression, a limited edition, the Bushmills 1608 400th Anniversary bottling in which I acquired back in 2008!

On the 20th of April 1608, a license was granted to Sir Thomas Phillips to “make, draw and distil” Uisce Beatha within the territory called The Rowte in County Antrium.

This original grant to distil is the first official written evidence of whiskey making in the Bushmills area. It was a fitting tribute to the reputation that this small and remote region of Ireland had earned for the quality of its “water of life” or what would later be called whiskey.

Four hundred years later, this royal license speaks of a place where the knowledge of how to create, craft and perfect whiskey has been passed down through generations to become part of the fabric of life. A place where this unique distilling tradition still lives on today.

To mark 400 years of distilling in and around Bushmills, a whiskey was created that truly lives up to the occasion. A whiskey with a sole purpose of being enjoyed and shared amongst friends. Bushmills 1608 is an incarnation of the very best of the distillery and it’s people.

The whiskey is above all approachable, with a remarkable smoothness and depth of character. In true Irish style, it has plenty of personality and a gentle touch.

At the heart of the blend is Bushmills malt whiskey distilled with crystal malt, a special type of malted barley that delivers exceptional smoothness. It’s name comes from the barleycorn’s crystallized appearance when gently toasted before the distilling process that enhances the natural sweetness of the malt, giving the whiskey a unique toffee like flavor!

A unique and exceptional expression from Bushmills that is ultimately smooth and flavorful! I also agree it is a whiskey meant to be shared and this one is always opened when an Irish Whiskey Enthusiast comes by for a dram!

Now this dram may be long gone and very hard to acquire so if you’re looking for a Bushmills to try out I highly recommend Bushmills Black Bush, it is an amazing whiskey and at a great price point!
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