Mike has a unique ability to source excellent, hard to find whiskies. His presentations are well researched, informative and fun. And most importantly, his passion and joy for all matters whisky are contagious. 

- Emmett

Mike’s passion for whisky was obvious and infectious. He spoke with enthusiasm and a love of whisky, and did all he could to convey that to each of us. It was not only his knowledge of whisky, but the stories he chose to share of the people behind the whisky that captured our interest.

- Roberto

To say Mike Brisebois, aka The Whisky Explorer, is an enthusiastic, impassioned and knowledgeable Whisky Expert in Canada would only scratch the surface in describing his breadth of talent.
- Ken Bedford

As a grumpy old Scotsman who’s been drinking single malt longer than I care to remember, I have to admit that my knowledge and enjoyment of the product has increased exponentially since I’ve put myself under Mike Brisebois’s tutelage. I trust his judgment implicitly.

- Thomas Orr Baker

The tastings hosted by The Whisky Explorer can accommodate both newbies and long-time amateurs, and that’s something the people want. Merging everyone together to create a friendly and passionate environment, despite how many years or how many products you’ve tasted before.
- Daily Dram Montreal

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