Let’s spend some time with the Edradour Distillery

Let’s spend some time with the Edradour Distillery

Here we have the Edradour Distillery and one we don’t see a lot in Canada. However if you are in Alberta, you will definitely have better luck finding a bottle! In 2016 I set up a private order of seven cases of various expressions and remember loving the Edradour Cream Liqueur!

For years Edradour was known as Scotland’s smallest distillery but hard to keep that going with so many smaller craft distillers opening up. However it is a small distillery that is still in operation with being built in 1837.

Edradour being traditionally matured in Sherry casks and that’s where they mature best! So if you love Sherry matured whiskies, I definitely recommend this distillery to you!

For me however Edradour has always been a hit or miss depending on the expression, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed was this Edradour Distillery Cask No. 2212 which was distilled
On March 5, 2001 and bottled on February 2nd, 2016 at a whopping 56.1% with only 690 bottles made available!

I love the dark chocolate notes and deep fruit essence in this release from Edradour but the toffee finish set the bar for me as it satisfied my sweet tooth! Unfortunately it is a bottle you would have difficulty finding and I’m happy I have an extra one in the bunker eagerly waiting to be opened!
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