National Scotch Day 2021

National Scotch Day 2021

Every now and then you find a whisky that catches you by surprise. And this release from Ardbeg did just that for me!

Maybe it’s the level of boldness and mystery this bottle captures in both the History of the Distillery to the exceptional liquid in the bottle!

If you stand on the rocky headland behind Ardbeg Distillery today, sunlight dancing on the waves, a soft breeze whispering through the long grass that fringes the shore, listening to the cheerful call of seagulls as they follow the fishing boats that pass this way, it’s hard to believe this spot has a turbulent and murky past.

For Ardbeg was once a notorious hideout for smugglers, who plied their trade within its hidden caves and secret beaches. Dark tales abound of ill gotten gains, daring deeds and narrow escapes from the island’s excise men, until finally a raid was made, the dens destroyed and the gang scattered…

Shortly afterwards, John McDougall founded Ardbeg Distillery on the site of their nefarious operations. Inspired by their turbulent past, this whisky is a clandestine meeting of Ardbeg matured in ex-Bourbon casks and a heart matured in dark Sherry casks.

The Ardbeg Dark Committee Release is a unicorn and one, once you secure it, hide it well!

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