The Almost Forgotten Brand

The Almost Forgotten Brand

With so many awards given out over the years by numerous people there is one that is seen to be set at a higher standard. One that the industry and enthusiasts respect a bit more of all others, and that is The Beverage Institute Awards!

Just recently they awarded the Redbreast 27 Year Old a perfect score! You may have remembered them giving out perfect scores to Kavalan and Pappy Van Winkle in the past but they don’t give out many!

Being a fan of this whiskey I have been really following them over the last ten years with them releasing some stellar expressions. Crazy how this brand was forgotten about and they came back with a bang!

In the early years they were sold and advertised as a higher quality or their famous brand. The name 'Redbreast' itself refers to the bird, Robin Redbreast, and is attributed to the then Chairman of Gilbey's, who was an avid bird-fancier.

I am so happy that Redbreast is getting more love these days. They are definitely a brand and a whiskey that is of great quality with so many flavors to excite our palates!

Now you don’t need to go out and buy the 27 year, they have expressions that can cater to all our palates and for me I love the 12 Year. It reminds me of my go to Scottish Whisky, the Bunnahabhain 12 Year. Lots of spicy and fruit aromas by being matured in both bourbon and Sherry casks! And the toasted notes that linger on the palate are just the finish you want in a whiskey!

If you have yet to try a Redbreast whiskey, I think it’s time you do!

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