The BEST Bourbon you’ll never taste?

The BEST Bourbon you’ll never taste?

Known as the BEST bourbon you’ll never taste, find out why below!

Happy National Bourbon Heritage Month and to kick it off here is a legendary spirit, A.H. Hirsch Reserve 16 Years Old, distilled in the Spring of 1974.

This extraordinary Bourbon had a long, dramatic journey from its inception. In fact, the history behind A.H. Hirsch Reserve speaks volume about why it is not just the finest American bourbon ever made, but indeed a rare National artifact.

The sublime, amber-colored whiskey in this bottle was distilled in 1974 in small copper pot-stills of Michter’s Distillery. Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, the distillery originated in the mid-1700’s.

The combination of an arduous distilling process, an unusual recipe including rye and 16 years of peaceful slumber in the wood is partly why this whiskey is such a magnificent spirit.

In 1989, the last remaining barrels were brought to Kentucky for final aging and bottling and this whiskey was awarded America’s first five-star rating. Simply stated, at the time there was no other Bourbon on any shelf that compared with its bouquet, flavor, depth and overall complexity.

This whiskey has set a bar quite high for me for all things Bourbon, and for those who had the pleasure of tasting it, understand why. A time, in 1974 when distilled, time was slowed down and you can see that in this expression from start to finish.
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