The Glen Moray Distillery and their newest Limited Edition!

The Glen Moray Distillery and their newest Limited Edition!

Are you a fan of maple syrup and warm pecan pie? If so, this is the whisky for you!

Here is a Glen Moray Distillery deep dive and the newest limited edition from Glen Moray, Warehouse #1 Tokaji Finish!

Glen Moray Distillery was founded in 1897, built on the site a brewery known as the Elgin West Brewery. On September 13th, 1897 they completed their first mash and were operational until 1910.

In 1920 the distillery was sold to MacDonald and Muir. They rebuilt the distillery in 1958 and the traditional malting floors were replaced with Saladin boxes and in operation until 1978 when the maltings were stopped completely. The following year they doubled the stills from two to four!

Always seen as the little sister to the Glenmorangie Distillery, Glen Moray was mostly marketed and sold as a budget whisky. Due to this they do not have a large amount of aged malts.

In 2008 French company La Martiniquaise bought Glen Moray and I believe it took a decade for this distillery to start paving their way out of being a budget whisky to one for the Whisky Explorer!

Warehouse Number 1 at the distillery is where they are showcasing the true essence and innovation and beauty of what the Glen Moray is and making it stand out amongst the many distilleries in the Speyside area!

Now onto the whisky!
First being matured in first fill ex-bourbon casks for 14 years (the cask of choice for Glen Moray) then finished for a short period in Five Tokaji casks from the distillery’s Warehouse 1 to be used for this small-batch release.

The result is a ‘full-on sweetshop’ of aromas on the nose, namely sugared almonds, caramel toffee and freshly-baked gingerbread. When it comes to the taste, there’s hints of fresh bread, maple syrup and warm pecan pie, that beautifully balances the structure of this Glen Moray spirit.

If this is what we will continually see from Glen Moray I will be the first of many to push to get these releases to Canada.
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