The Glenlivet is the whisky that started it all for me!

The Glenlivet is the whisky that started it all for me!

There’s always one question I get asked by whisky enthusiasts and I’ll let you know it and the answer by the time you finish reading this post!

A little over 15 years ago I had my very first taste of single malt whisky. A bottle in which was gifted to me in December of 2005. I have to be honest, I was intimidated by it - Scotch Whisky that is.

It remained in my cabinet surrounded by other spirits as I didn’t know how to approach it. All I ever heard of scotch was it’s for your dad and grandfather, and that it is smoky.

I began to do some research and stumbled upon Dave Broom @davewasabi and his book The World Atlas of Whisky. His book provided me the insight I needed and answered all my questions I had surrounding this mysterious spirit. It definitely helped me understand the world of whisky.

Funny enough “a few” years later I met Dave Broom at the Victoria Whisky Festival @victoriawhiskyfestival and wanted to chat whisky with him and I regret not taking the chance to do so.

I stumbled upon page 42 of The World Atlas of Whisky. The Distillery and the first single malt Scotch whisky I have ever tasted. Of course this is the question I get asked at every Masterclass I host or whisky show I attend.

The Distillery: The Glenlivet.
The Single Malt: The Glenlivet 12 Year.

I read of the history and tasting notes of the expression. It caught my attention as there was no mention of smoke but of apples and honey with a touch of toffee. At that moment I knew I had to taste it.

With a @theglencairnglass in hand I poured my first dram and I loved it. Maybe it was the hot summer day or just diving into everything about the distillery that made it taste that much better. All I knew from that moment was that I was hooked!

More books were purchased and more whisky as I wanted to learn as much as I could about Scotland and Whisky - from there I became a source of knowledge to peers and whisky enthusiasts

In the photo is the Glenlivet 25 Year - a bottle gifted to me for my wedding day from colleagues that knew I had a passion for single malt whisky. A Distillery that will always have a place in my heart, for The Glenlivet is the whisky that started it all for me!
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