Brand Guidelines

The Whisky Explorer Awards

Please adhere to the following brand guidelines:

Size of Brand Images: Logo, Medals, and AwardsBrand images must be at least 1” or 72px wide

Prohibited Use
Do not alter images in any way, including but not limited to the following:

• Do not rotate, stretch, squish, skew, or warp images
• Do not change or reverse colours
• Do not add drop shadows or other text
• Do not contain the logo in any other wording or box
• Creation of custom “The Whisky Explorer Awards” branding, medal, or award images is stricktly prohibited.

The utilization of brand images in any media or content that is derogatory, offensive, racist, or sexist is strictly prohibited.

Medals Stickers

Stickers are available for all medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and Best in Canada—in rolls of 1,000



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